20 January At the start of 2020 – I’m going to have an unusual and interesting year in 2020. I have been awarded … read more

28 January Norwich and cross-cultural dialogue – ‘The role of the translator is crucial to foster cross-cultural dialogue’. So says … read more

27 February  A birthday, a BIG birthday – That’s me on my fifth birthday. Jelly and ice cream were probably on the menu, and … read more

27 March What a difference a month makes – to misquote Esther Phillips and Dinah Washington, amongst others. When I posted in February … read more

30 April #StayAtHome and produce a finished translation – That has been the upside of staying at home in my case. Having made good progress … read more

27 May Translation ‘fieldwork’ – In my previous life as a geographer I had to do fieldwork of various sorts. Look at what was out there … read more

30 June First meeting with my mentor – I have had my first ‘meeting’ with my mentor – by phone. Going on a 125-mile round trip in person is still a no-no … read more

20 July What’s with the July blues? – July blues? July shouldn’t be the month for blues – that’s January, surely. But this last month has brought up … read more

27 August Holding a thought through a deluge of work – The illustration at the top of this post is part of a painting called Holding a Thought. It was painted … read more

30 September Time to take a break – This post is a bit different from the others. By mid-September it was time to take a break.  A couple of weeks of … read more

4 November There’s a deadline looming – That face is just about how I feel at this stage in my year of being mentored.I had my second meeting with my mentor at the end of September, but … read more

1 December Time, tenses, and blurb-bingo – One year ago, on 27 November 2019, I received a phone call from Literature Wales telling me of my success in being awarded … read more


5 January This House – December was a very productive month for my project of producing a literary translation into English of the Welsh novella Yn y Tŷ Hwn. For a start … read more

12 July Six months have slipped by – Well, here we are: just over six months since the end of my amazing year of being mentored.  And almost two years since I made that fateful … read more


6 January One year on – The year 2021 slips away; 2022 starts to gather pace. We are now one year on from when I finished my period of being mentored, and finished the final … read more

23 June Climate change – The cultural climate in relation to Wales and the Welsh language also seems to be warming, if this newspaper headline is anything to go by. I’ve been aware of … read more


17 January Exposure! – I have had my first public exposure for a piece of literary translation done off my own bat – and on the website of a prestigious literary journal at that! … read more

13 June Yes! – Yes, the last week of May was momentous! I signed a contract for my translation to be published! And two days later Bangor 1876 FC won a  … read more


16 January P-Day – Here is the front cover of This House! P-Day – publication day – is 21 March 2024! You can even pre-order it!  … read more

2 April Extras – This is a special blog post written particularly  for reading groups or book groups or book clubs – call them what you will. It’s for any bunch of people that read the same book … read more

Words ©Susan Walton 2021–24. Photo Marten Newhall on Unsplash.