Susan Walton started her career as a map-maker, then later she took a degree in Rural Resource Management. Until 2007 she worked in the public and voluntary sectors.

She now works as a self-employed proofreader and copy-editor, trading as Sue Proof, and as a translator.

In 2009 she was commissioned to adapt Welsh poetry into English for a bilingual book of photographs. She found she enjoyed the experience. She has since adapted more poetry, and as a translator, has had six novels for older children and four non-fiction books published. These are:

cover of the book Llŷn a Magical Place    cover of the book True Grit  

cover of the book The Iron Dam  cover of the book The Moon is Red  cover of the book Under the Welsh Not  cover of the book The Crown in the Quarry  cover of the book The Black Pit of Tonypandy  cover of the book Faster than the Swords  cover of the book Fleeing the Fascists

  cover of the book The Story of Wales   cover of the book Battles for Wales   cover of the book The Welsh Marches from the West   cover of the book The Red Dragon of the Welsh

Hud a Lledrith Llŷn / Llŷn: A Magical Place, 2009; Craig yr Oesoedd / True Grit, 2011

The Iron Dam, 2017; The Moon is Red, 2018; Under the Welsh Not, 2019; The Crown in the Quarry, 2020; The Black Pit of Tonypandy, 2021; Faster Than the Swords, 2022; Fleeing the Fascists, 2022

The Story of Wales, 2017; Battles for Wales, 2017; The Welsh Marches, 2019; The Red Dragon of the Welsh, 2020

Being a recipient of Literature Wales’ mentoring award in 2020 helped Susan to expand into translating adult literary fiction, and this blog records her experience of that venture.

She has another blog, ’Sgwennu Sue, for her original writing and non-commissioned translations.


Words ©Susan Walton 2022. Photo of Susan Walton © Susan Walton 2019. All cover art © Gwasg Carreg Gwalch 2009–2022.